Hi, I'm Stiéphen!

I started my PhD in October 2022 under Nicolai Kraus' supervision and assisted by Tom de Jong, at the FP Lab (University of Nottingham), working mainly on Higher Categories in Homotopy Type Theory (HoTT). I grew up in Toulouse, studied at Sorbonne University, Jussieu campus, in Paris (also known as UPMC or Paris VI) and now live in Nottingham.

I graduated in 2021 with a master's degree in Pure Mathematics at Sorbonne University with a specialisation in Homotopy and Higher Category Theory. I did my master's thesis under Clemens Berger's supervision on "Grothendieck's test category theory and the Dendroidal category".

Afterwards, since I got captivated by links and connections between Algebraic Topology and Type Theory during a master's course taught by Pierre-Louis Curien, I spent some time learning about HoTT.

Before that, although I started my studies in Physics and Engineering (2013-2017), I switched to devote myself to mathematics by doing a bachelor's degree in Intensive Mathematics at the same university (2017-2019).






Room C43,  Desk 6,

School of Computer Science

The University of Nottingham, Jubilee Campus

Nottingham, NG7 1BB

United Kingdom


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